Meet John Dough


Meet John Dough, Superhero: A Political Fantasy (2017) by L.B.W. Jarka-Sellers is our first book: paperback, 184 pages, thirty-six black and white illustrations.

As Alida mixes bread dough in her Germantown kitchen, she listens to the radio with incredulity. The Trump Administration has just come to power in Washington and America’s most fundamental traditions are in danger. Her dog Buddy is equally outraged. If Congress is unwilling to act, who will protect American democracy? The answer lies in Alida’s mixing bowl, for she is making sourdough bread, and the yeast– collected from the air in her kitchen– turns out to be extraordinary. Meet John Dough, superhero, and learn how he comes to the aid of a troubled and divided nation.

The action unfolds in Northwest Philadelphia, Iowa, Washington D.C., and the Land of the Plant People, where the inhabitants are proud to live “free from the bonds of reason.”  This is a warm and funny book about serious ideas. The illustrations range from touching to darkly satirical.